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Dual Fuel (Diesel + Natural Gas) Kits for Diesel Engines | As of 1st October, 2023, the use of DIESEL GENSET is prohibited in the NCR. (CAQM direction No. 73 dated 2nd June, 2023) | Haryana State Pollution Control Board (HSPCB) seals diesel gensets of 50 units in Faridabad for violating CAQM Direction | Switch to Dual Fuel now!

Dual Fuel (Diesel + Natural Gas) Kits for Diesel Engines | As of 1st October, 2023, the use of DIESEL GENSET is prohibited in the NCR. (CAQM direction No. 73 dated 2nd June, 2023) | Haryana State Pollution Control Board (HSPCB) seals diesel gensets of 50 units in Faridabad for violating CAQM Direction | Switch to Dual Fuel now!

Important Factors to Consider Before Investing in a Dual Fuel System

factors to invest in a dual fuel system
In business operations, where uninterrupted power supply is paramount, investing in alternative energy sources can be a strategic move. As power security continues to remain a growing concern for businesses across the country, dual fuel generators warrant more consideration than ever before.

A dual fuel generator can be a valuable asset for businesses seeking robust backup power solutions. However, before you invest in this technology, there are a few crucial factors your business should consider. Evaluating the following key considerations will empower your business to make informed decisions, ensuring that you select a dual fuel generator that aligns seamlessly with your operational requirements and power security needs.
  • Sizing Your System Properly

For any business, sizing the dual fuel system appropriately is crucial for its effective operation, as the size of the generator is directly related to its power output. Smaller, compact generators are more portable but have lower wattage, while larger generators can weigh significantly more but offer higher power output. A professional assessment of your business’s power needs will prevent the system from being overly large or too small, ensuring it aligns perfectly with your operational requirements. Ideally, you should choose a size that aligns with your business’ power needs and space constraints.

  • Fuel Capacity

While cleaner and sustainable power solutions are desired, having diverse backup sources is essential. Dual fuel generators, utilising both diesel and natural gas, offer flexibility during power outages and other emergencies. Thus, it is important to consider the generator’s fuel capacity, typically compatible with Liquified Petroleum Gas (LPG) tanks and diesel.

  • Power Output

Dual fuel generators vary in power output, with capacities ranging from 5,000 to 12,500 watts. While they may not power every appliance indefinitely, they can serve as a reliable backup during emergencies, ensuring the operation of crucial devices for business continuity. GasTech’s Dual Fuel Kits are available for diesel generators from 10 to 3000 KVA.

  • Maintenance Requirements

Regular maintenance is essential to keeping your dual fuel system running smoothly. Scheduling annual check-ups with qualified technicians from GasTech is advised to inspect and service the system, to ensure minimal downtime and maximise efficiency.

  • Backup Power

Given that dual fuel systems rely on electricity for operations, businesses should consider having a backup power source or generator to ensure continued operation during power outages. This is crucial for maintaining uninterrupted business activities, especially during emergencies.

  • Financial Incentives & Penalties

Explore available rebates, tax credits, or incentives for installing an energy-efficient dual fuel system for your business. These incentives can help offset initial costs, enhancing the system’s return on investment and contributing to long-term financial benefits.

What’s more, it is also essential to stay aware of applicable penalties of not switching from diesel-only to dual fuel engines. For example, the Commission for Air Quality Management (CAQM) prohibited the use of diesel-only gensets in the NCR and nearby regions, with various tiers of penalties based on specific compliance regulations. To know more about CAQM’s directive as well as other important mandates around the country, click here.

  • Engine Efficiency

Dual fuel generators boast improved engine efficiency, bridging the gap between traditional and renewable energy devices. Their ability to switch between diesel and/or natural gas contributes to enhanced efficiency, making them a suitable choice for businesses looking for reliable and efficient backup.

  • Safety for Combustible Fuels

For businesses using dual fuel systems with combustible fuels such as natural gas, ensuring proper ventilation and safety measures is paramount. Make sure to maintain compliance with safety protocols to prevent potential hazards in your business environment.

  • Noise Levels

Traditionally, generators used to be noisy, but recent advancements have led to quieter models. Consider noise levels of the dual fuel generator, especially if operational noise may impact your business environment. Smaller models can have a noise level in the mid-40s, similar to normal background noise.

Get the GasTech Advantage

GasTech’s Dual Fuel Systems revolutionise diesel engine operation by enabling the simultaneous combustion of diesel and methane-rich gas, typically natural gas. This innovative system, designed for high-speed diesel engines, offers a retrofit solution with special kits that can seamlessly integrate the two fuels.

Here are a few important advantages of choosing GasTech as your preferred dual fuel engine provider:

  • Fuel Flexibility

The versatility of GasTech’s Dual Fuel Systems allow the engine to continue running on diesel as the primary fuel, although a complete transition to ‘gas only’ operation is not possible. This technology not only enhances efficiency but also contributes to a significant reduction in harmful emissions, aligning with current market trends and cost-saving initiatives.

  • Consistent Engine Performance

Facilitating this innovative approach is GasTech’s state-of-the-art Dual Fuel Controller, an electronic marvel that continuously monitors critical engine parameters. It optimises dual fuel operation by maximising the substitution of diesel with natural gas, ensuring overall safety and maintaining engine performance. The controller enables engines to operate on gas mixtures ranging from 50% to 70% of the total fuel consumed, preserving diesel-like performance in key areas such as efficiency, stability, and load acceptance.

  • Diverse Fuel Compatibility

GasTech’s Dual Fuel Systems are compatible with various fuel gases, including Pipeline Natural Gas (PNG), Compressed Natural Gas (CNG), Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG), Coal-Bed Methane (CBM), Well-Head Gas, and Biogas from landfill or wastewater sources. The system boasts non-engine-intrusive construction, making it suitable for different high-speed engine sizes, ensuring simplicity, ease of operation, and safe engine functionality.

  • Intelligent Features

GasTech also offers ProGMS, a contemporary Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) system designed for remote monitoring of gensets, with a specific focus on Dual Fuel operation. The system efficiently acquires data, storing it either on-premises or in the Cloud, facilitating comprehensive analytical insights over specific periods.

  • Easier Operations & Overall Convenience

Key characteristics of the system include exhaust temperature and engine knock monitoring, fewer moving components, fuel flexibility, and seamless switching between operational modes.

The advantages of GasTech’s Dual Fuel Systems are evident in the ability to maintain power levels, integrate with existing assets, offer low capital costs, ensure rapid payback, reduce generation costs, incur low to no maintenance costs, lower emissions through cleaner fuel usage, and enhance engine condition monitoring.

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GasTech’s innovative Dual Fuel system emerges as a comprehensive solution, addressing efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and environmental considerations in one revolutionary package. To know more about our offerings, connect with the GasTech team today!

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