About Us

GasTech is a market leader in Dual Fuel Kit (Diesel + Natural Gas) for Diesel engines. Our value proposition is
Go Green | Cut Cost. Natural gas is a green fuel and it’s typically less costly than diesel. There is no impact on the engine life or performance.

We have been working in this domain for 20+ years. We serve the stationary power (Diesel Gensets) and mobile applications (Mining, Marine, Railways). We boast of 4000+ successful conversions to date. This requirement is now growing rapidly thanks to the expanding national focus on Carbon neutrality.

About Dual Fuel Technology

Dual Fuelling is simultaneous combustion of two fuels. GasTech Dual Fuel solutions comprise of special kits that can be retrofitted on existing high speed diesel engines to allow use of a mixture of Methane rich gas (most often Natural gas) with Diesel as fuel. After conversion, the engine can continue to operate with only Diesel also. However, a ‘Gas only’ operation is not possible.

During Dual Fuel operation, a reduced quantity of diesel fuel acts as the ignition source for the air-gas mixture. The Methane rich gas mix replaces significant proportion of Diesel to produce equivalent heat energy during combustion in the cylinder. The emissions from such engines see an order of improvement. In the current market conditions this also means significant reduction in cost.