Dual Fuel (Diesel + Natural Gas) Systems for Diesel Engines

Dual Fuel (Diesel + Natural Gas) Systems for Diesel Engines

Dual Fuel Systems

Dual Fuel conversion of a diesel engine results in the engine being operated with a mixture of diesel and natural gas. GasTech is a market leader in Dual Fuel Systems. Our value proposition is Go Green | Cut Cost. Natural gas is a green fuel and it’s typically less costly than diesel. There is no impact on the engine life or performance after the conversion.

GasTech has been serving stationary power applications (Diesel Gensets) for 20+ years and boasts of 3000+ installations already. This no. Is growing rapidly thanks to the expanding global focus on Carbon neutrality.

More recently, GasTech has launched its mobile dual fuel sustem for Heavy Earth Moving Machinery (HEMM), typically off road mining vehicles. Similar applications are also being explored in Marine Vessels and Railway Locomotives.

How it Works

Dual Fuel operation of a diesel engine is simultaneous combustion of two fuels. GasTech Dual Fuel Systems comprise of special kits that can be retrofitted on existing high speed diesel engines to allow use of a mixture of Methane rich gas (most often Natural gas) and Diesel, as fuel.

No loss of power

Low Capital cost

Rapid paybacks

Low maintenance cost

Use of cleaner fuel